Philadelphia's tiniest bakery

1255 Marlborough St, Philadelphia, PA 19125


Hours: Monday - Saturday 10am - 9pm | Sunday 10am - 4pm

 Open Thanksgiving Day 9am-1pm, closed Black Friday.  Closed Christmas Day and the 26th. Owned and operated by Betty Halpenny and Elanor Koenig

Ramona Susan’s Bake Shop is Philadelphia’s go-to for home-style desserts. Founded in 2013 by Betty Halpenny and Elly Monroe, it was named after Betty's nurturing mother-slash-role-model and pays homage to classic comforts found in your mother's faithful recipes. Oh, your family didn't bake? More of a reason to stop in and have a taste! Betty and Elly bring you delectable treats served with a bit of retro flair, dedication to simple comfort foods and, if you're lucky, a side order of sass. (You're welcome.)

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