Flavors:   Vanilla-on-yellow | Chocolate-on-yellow

Chocolate-on-Chocolate|  Red Velvet cake, iced cream cheese

Birthday cake, iced cream cheese  |  Carrot cake with craisins, iced cream cheese (Jan-Sept)

Vegan Hostess-style *$3.50 each or $38.50/dozen

Fall and Winter : Pumpkin cake, iced honey-whiskey                             


Flavors:  Peanut Butter and Jelly, Chocolate Chip with M&Ms,

Sugar, Oatmeal Craisin (vegan), Rainbow Cookies.

Additional seasonal cookies in the fall/winter


$1.00 and up

4 dozen cookies swirled around a pile of brownie bites. Perfect for a meeting or party and we can throw one

together on the spot!

(Takes about 10 minutes)


Cookie Box

18-30 cookies fill a

small bakery box

36-60 cookies fill a

large bakery box

Priced per cookie

$3.00 each or $33.00/Dozen

We carry the following treats during regular hours for immediate purchase!

Subject to availability

Cookie Tray

Individual desserts   

We offer a variety of individually portioned desserts. These are available in our storefront daily along with a variety of seasonal items. Check out our instagram for more seasonal options.

Buttercake: Traditional Philadelphia dessert. A rich and gooey topping over a yeasted crust. Sweet vanilla flavor may remind you of a glazed donut. We strongly suggest serving this warm. Place in a 350 degree oven for 2-3 minutes or microwave on medium for 20 seconds.

GF Cheesecake: A rich combination of soft cheeses baked without a crust.

Seasonal Cheesecakes

Chocolate Pudding Cup(GF): home-style, cooke-then-chilled chocolate pudding that will make you rethink that boxed stuff.

Brownies: Classic brownie with chocolate chunks. Fudgey and perfect for an ice cream sundae.

Tiramisu Cup (GF): Ladyfingers soaked in coffee and rum layered with mascarpone mousse.

Chocolate Cream Pies fall and winter: our pie crust with chocolate mousse and whipped cream.

Ice cream sandwiches (Seasonally)

Chocolate Flourless Torte(GF): small, light chocolate cake with a dollop of rich ganache.

Vegan Loaves: a seasonal variety such as crumb cake, lemon loaf, berry loaf, etc.

French Macarons (GF): Flavors rotate, availability may be limited during summer