Cookie Monster

Flavors:   Vanilla-on-yellow | Chocolate-on-yellow

Chocolate-on-Chocolate|  Red Velvet cake, iced cream cheese

Birthday cake, iced cream cheese  |  Carrot cake with craisins, iced cream cheese

Vegan Hostess-style

Fall and Winter : Pumpkin cake, iced honey-whiskey                             


Flavors: Seasonal nut cookies, seasonal chocolate cookie,

      Peanut Butter and Jelly, Chocolate Chip with M&Ms, Sugar,

            Oatmeal Craisin (vegan),  Black and Whites (seasonal), Rainbow Cookies.


Cookie Tray

$2.50 or $27.50/Dozen

Fri-Sat-Sun when available or by pre-order

Two chocolate chip cookies sandwiched with cupcake icing, dipped in sprinkes and topped with candy eyes.


We offer a variety of individually portioned desserts. These are available in our storefront daily along with a variety of seasonal items. Check out our instagram for more seasonal options.

Buttercake: Traditional Philadelphia dessert. A rich and gooey topping over a yeasted crust. Sweet vanilla flavor may remind you of a glazed donut. We strongly suggest serving this warm. Place in a 350 degree oven for 2-3 minutes or microwave on medium for 20 seconds.

GF Cheesecake: A rich combination of soft cheeses baked without a crust.

Seasonal Cheesecakes

Chocolate Pudding Cup(GF): home-style, cooke-then-chilled chocolate pudding that will make you rethink that boxed stuff.

Brownies: Classic brownie with chocolate chunks. Fudgey and perfect for an ice cream sundae.

Tiramisu Cup (GF): Ladyfingers soaked in coffee and rum layered with mascarpone mousse.

Chocolate Cream Pies fall and winter: our pie crust with chocolate mousse and whipped cream.

Ice cream sandwiches (Seasonally)

Chocolate Flourless Torte(GF): small, light chocolate cake with a dollop of rich ganache.

Vegan Loaves: a seasonal variety such as crumb cake, lemon loaf, berry loaf, etc.

Cookie Box

Individual desserts   

With 72 hours notice we can customize flavor pairings, decorations and color combinations! Check out our tiered and custom cake page for more information

$0.75 - 1.50each

We carry the following treats during regular hours for immediate purchase!

Subject to availability

18-30 cookies fill a

small bakery box

36-60 cookies fill a

large bakery box

Priced per cookie

4 dozen cookies swirled around a pile of brownie bites. Perfect for a meeting or party and we can throw one

together on the spot!

(Takes about 10 minutes)