• Do you offer tastings?
  • What is the average cost of a cake?
  • Do you deliver?
  • Order deposits

Tastings: If you are thinking about a custom cake or other special dessert and have not tried our items, we invite you to stop buy and purchase something from our daily case. If you are interested in sampling our buttercream frosting, please email with at least 3 days notice and I can provide a spoon full of buttercream for you to try.

Average cost: We generally offer simplistic buttercream style cakes with minimal decorations. We charge for decorating based on how long we estimate your design will take along with any extra costs it may add. Our base prices are listed on the menu found  on the custom order menu tab. Expect a minimum of $15 and up depending on the level of detail you wish to add. If you are looking to keep costs low we offer edible printing for $5, or suggest bringing in plastic toys that work as a gift and a fun decoration.

Delivery: We do not offer delivery. Our budget-friendly approach is frill-free. If you want delivery within Philadelphia (River to river, Stadiums to Erie) we are happy to for $150 cash, due one week before the delivery in cash. Center city $200 (South St to Fairmount).

Deposits: They hold your place and are refundable up until 1 week before your event, in full. To get a full refund we need 7 full days notice. This means if you have a Saturday order, we need to know by the Friday, one week prior, before closing at 9pm. Any cancellations after, but more than 2 days will allow you to receive the deposit as store credit. This means if you have a Saturday order you can receive store credit as long as you cancel before Wednesday at 9pm.