What is parking like? The easiest thing to do is to park illegally. If you are driving from Girard and turn onto Marlborough there is an illegal spot directly across from the store on your left as well as just beyond the store on the right in front of a fire hydrant. You can also come from Thompson, north east of the store heading south west and park as well. You still need to keep an eye out for the PPA and limit your time in the store AS WE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR YOUR PARKING TICKET! You will be able to see your car from the store if you use these spots. Some of these spots are no parking turning zones so you may also have to move should a large truck need to turn. All of this is common in this neighborhood. Other legal parking is free two hour parking. 

Do we carry full sized cakes? We wish we could! More often than not, we will not have a cake available for immediate purchase. Extra cakes are the last items we make and we often book out our entire schedule with pre-ordered cakes. You can always call ahead and double check.

We do not have seating inside because the bakery is the tiniest bakery in Philadelphia! We can squeeze in about 6 customers at a time. There are two small benches out from to grab a seat if the weather is nice.

We operate out of a classic Philadelphia corner store unit which means no ramp and a door that is a tight fit for the average stroller. However, we do have a walk up window and if you use a wheelchair, are with a bike, with a dog, with a larger stroller or just really smelly then you do not have to come inside to order! We are happy to help you at the window and can walk you through our daily offerings and rotating specials. 

  • What is parking like?
  • Do you have full cakes available?
  • Is there seating?
  • Is there handicapped access?