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 Current Hours of Operation:

Mondays 1pm-7pm

Fridays 1pm-7pm

Saturdays 10am-7pm

Sundays 10am-7pm


How to order: Walk up service welcome, masks required. No cash change will be made.

Call 215-203-1980  or email Our aim is to respond to emails during business hours within 10-20 minutes. We may need to update this depending how it all goes! Thank you for your patience.

Pay over the phone or paypal to or with contactless payments in person.


How to pick up:

We will place your order on a table directly outside our walk up window when you arrive. We know many of you, however we may need you to state your name.


Delivery information: Updated

We are offering delivery during 2 windows of time each weekend day:

Saturdays: 12:15-1:45pm or 3:30-5pm

Sundays: 12:15-1:45pm or 3:30-5pm  

See the picture below for our free delivery zone. For deliveries we require a phone number where the recipient can be reached to let them know their order is on their stoop to limit any contact.


Custom Cake information:

We are offering custom order cakes with minimal to no decorations. We recommend at least one week's notice or more. Please choose a pickup time during our current hours of operation listed at the top. See our new cake menu tab for more information.


Drinks 16oz cold cups:

Lemonade $3.50
Passion fruit green tea (sweet) $4

Hibiscus tea (lightly sweetened with raspberry and guava fruits) $4

Unsweetened green tea $3

Iced chai (whole or soy milk) $ 4.75

Ice americano $3.50

Iced latte $4.25

Bottled Water $1.50


Dog bites $3/6 mini muffin sized. 




S’mores Cheesecake $8.50 pan: homemade graham crust, chocolate cheesecake and homemade marshmallow fluff (Lightly toasted). The homemade fluff is worth the extra 50 cents!

Ice cream sandwiches are back!

Chipwiches $4.50

Cake and ice cream $4.50 vanilla ice cream sandwiched between funfetti style cake 

Neapolitan $5.00 Brownies with strawberry and vanilla ice cream

Kidwich $3.50



$1/each, $5.50/6, $10/dz, $18/2dz


Chocolate Chip with M&Ms

Peanut Butter and Jelly


Oatmeal Craisin (vegan)


Rainbow cookies- $2/each

Three layers of almond cake sandwiched with apricot jam and coated in chocolate



$3/each, $17/6, $33/dz


Chocolate-on-Chocolate, chocolate cream cheese style frosting

Red Velvet cake,  plain cream cheese style frosting
Birthday cake, plain cream cheese style frosting

Carrot cake, craisins, plain cream cheese style frosting

Yellow cake, chocolate cream cheese style frosting

​Yellow cake, plain cream cheese style frosting 


Vegan yellow cake with raspberry frosting $3/each

Hostess style vegan cupcakes $3.50/each

Individual Desserts:

 Buttercake: a Philadelphia tradition! Yeast-risen crust with a gooey buttery topping that is rich with vanilla, butter and sugar flavors. We recommend serving at room temperature or warming slightly. Remove the lid before warming. 20-30 seconds on a medium setting on your microwave should be sufficient to make it extra gooey. $6.50


GF Cheesecake: A rich combination of soft cheeses baked without a crust and topped with whipped cream. $7


Brownies: Classic brownie with chocolate chunks. Fudgey and perfect for an ice cream sundae. $3.25

Chocolate Flourless Torte(GF): small, light chocolate cake with a dollop of rich ganache. $3


Vegan loaves: Crumb Cake $4:  vanilla cake with cinnamon crumb

                          Tropical Fruit $5: mango, passion fruit, lemon and lime


Lemon Coconut Bars $3.50: Lemon and coconut filling on a flaky shortbread crust


1255 Marlborough St. Philadelphia, PA 19125